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Eclectic Jazz Session Monday Nights   Shiloh Chocolate
      Spinach Salad
    Daniel Agee  
  Art Mondays Art Mondays  
Bohemian Circus every Monday      
Art Mondays Weekly Figure Drawing Session Apache Loaded Mash Potatoes    
    Bohemian Circus Power Shoot  
  Art Model_Evil Sarah    
Phillippia is addicted to her grind and it shows. She gets up every last Thurday brining live soul in Atlanta with the live Blaze 1 Band. MASH5    
    Deep Fried Five Live  
  Art Mondays    
AlSmith Corey Whitehead Hayley Warner  
Daniel Agee     doria_300
    Nadirah Shakoor & Outside Art flyer Sat Oct 30, 2010 N'Dieye Danavall
Apache Jerk Wings      
The BFD band in action! TruSkoolOrder Salmon Cakes & Grits coffee
      Apache Shrimp & Grits
Chips & Salsa   LAS0416 Dessert
    Corina Adam Vettraino_Revolt
  Apache Apparel    
  Art Mondays Photography session    
Calvin1 Ashmore's Algorithmic Imagery      
    Salmon Cakes & Grits  
    Art Model_Jalila  
  Apache Fish Sandwich    
Art Mondays      
Art Class      
  chaz2 Choklate performs live 1/22/11 @ Apache Cafe. Also ....Kim Joyce, DJ Tabone, Queen Sheba produced by 3rd St Soul  
      Art Mondays Image by Travis smith
  Eli Montgomery    
Joell Ortiz live at Apache Cafe 10/26/10 Salmon Cakes & Grits    
Salmon Cakes & Turnips      
IFE sound and lyrics Jeru    
      Art Mondays-work by Chris Williams
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